What is Geez Smoked Cheez?

We are a family-run, small business based in Oregon. We smoke all of our cheese and other delicious products with our professional commercial equipment. Our special process ensures that you taste the cheese first and the smoke second. We guarantee that you will love our delicious, one-of-a-kind, home-made style line of products. We are very proud of what we do, and we stand by what we create. Thank you for patronizing Geez Smoked Cheez!!

Who Are We?

George Bowles is the mastermind, heart and soul behind Geez Smoked Cheez. An Oregon native, George has lived in the state since he was young, and he raised his beautiful family in Oregon as well. He has had a passion for business and gourmet food his entire life, which led to the founding of Geez Smoked Cheez several years ago. George started with a small smoker and just smoked meat for family and friends, like beef, salmon and turkey as well as others. People encouraged him to branch out into creating cheese, and so he gave it a shot. Immediately, everyone loved his cheese, and he knew he had something special.

He brought it to his full-time job at the post office and let his co-workers sample it. They all told him that he should sell it, so from there he brought three cheeses to a farmers’ market. He learned more tricks and advice from different vendors at the farmers’ market, and expanded his wares to provide more variety and wider selections for his customers. He then tried garlic and peppers as well as cheeses, and continues to expand his product lines and provide an assortment of smoked products for the consumers. He now has a dedicated smoking room , set up with is customized, specialized and one of a kind design to smoke cheese with the unique flavors that Geez Smoked Cheez has become known for. We have been in business since 2014.

Karen Bowles is George’s right hand and the reason the business continues to thrive and expand, as his beloved wife.  She helps sell the cheeses, and is George’s main taste-tester.

Corey is their child, runs the website, and helps them navigate all this newfangled technology that the old minds have trouble with 🙂 This is a FAMILY business, run with love!